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Importing zETHi Tokens to Metamask Wallets

Here’s a quick and simple way to add the zETHi reward tokens to your Metamask wallet.

Step 1

Open your Metamask Wallet. Either tap the app on your phone or click the icon on your computer.

Make sure you’re on the Polygon Mainnet. It’s the same platform as your ETHi tokens.

Step 2

Click/Tap on “Import Tokens.”

Step 3

Copy the wallet address 0xAe40585c5B70A800796bF941e2cCb4C17C58E30e and paste it into the space provided.

zETHi will show up as a symbol to confirm the token you’re importing.

Step 4

Click/Tap on “Import Token.”

Step 5

You will then see “zETHi” as an option when you look at your wallet.

There you go! You can now check, manage, and use your zETHi tokens.

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