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5 Basic NFT Facts That You Should Know

Cryoto currency Tokens

You see it everywhere – while scrolling on your social media feed, as an ad on YouTube, even on the app store. NFTs seems to be one of the strongest trends in the crypto space, with many jumping into the fold.

But what makes this token a cut above the typical crypto token out there? Let’s look at what these trendy digital artworks are and why they’re generating a strong following.

What Does NFT Mean?

NFT or Non-Fungible Token collectible card illustration

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Token, is a form of digital currency that is unique and irreplaceable. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain like most tokens, though the focus on art makes this token stand out among its peers.

These tokens can’t be copied or changed once crafted, hence their uniqueness factor. Each NFT also comes with proof of ownership, showing that whoever has this is the original owner.

What NFTs are For

NFT illustration

On one hand, for artists that generate these NFTs, it’s an effective way to sell and market your digital art to the world. Plus, some variations of these tokens allow the artist to earn whenever it changes hands or is bought, ensuring a good return for the original creator.

On the other hand, NFTs allow buyers to support their favorite digital artists by buying this token directly from them. Buyers have free range on what they can do with the asset – post them online, sell on the crypto space, or hold on to them until it increases in value.

The Appeal of NFTs

Expensive and Trending Russian Bored Ape NFT from Yacht Club NFT collection (BAYC) on smartphone screen

While NFTs can represent any digital asset, current trends see digital art as the standard for the token. Some well-known examples include Bored Ape, Pudgy Penguins, and NyanCat. Other popular versions of NFTs include video games, video clips, domain names, and even essays.

The artworks themselves range from simple palette-swapped images to intricate works of art. However, the idea that you have a one-of-a-kind token is what drives its popularity and demand.

A Growing NFT Community

Several people sitting on a couch holding letters spelling out "community"

Another great thing that came with the NFT craze is the establishment of communities that support the particular collection. Think of it as a fan club, but for NFTs.

These communities typically hang out on their selected social media platforms, sharing memes and generally having a good time. If you know and NFT, chances are there’s a community out there that follows it with gusto.

How to Buy NFTs

Stacks of coins  and a up trend chart as the background

Before planning to grab some NFTs for yourself, make sure you have a digital wallet that can accept NFTs and some available crypto coins or tokens that the seller accepts.

After securing both of them, the best place to go for buying these tokens is legit marketplaces like Rarible and OpenSea. You can also buy directly outside these platforms, but make sure you see proof of ownership to ensure you’re getting the original asset.

On the Way to the Moon, One NFT at a Time

NFT is not only staying but is getting an amazingly strong following. Whether you’re an art collector or an avid crypto trader, joining the NFT bandwagon is something you should consider.

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