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Keep Your ETHi Tokens Safe with These Tips


Now that you have ETHi tokens stored in your crypto wallet keeping them safe is the next important step. While crypto banks are emerging on the blockchain, knowing how to protect your investments will be key to long-term success.

Here are some tips to ensure your ETHi tokens are well-protected and safe.

Stay on Top of the News

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Information is your best defense in keeping your tokens secure. An 80s cartoon once said, “And knowing is half the battle.”

Start by checking crypto news, what’s happening in the crypto sphere and if there are reported hacking attacks. News articles and blogs that tackle crypto scams and attacks usually detail how it goes, so you’ll know what to watch out for.

Note Your Passphrases and Store Them Properly

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When setting up passwords or passphrases, specific guidelines include avoiding identifiable details like names, birthdays, and addresses. Use the information that only you would know.

You can also opt for random mnemonic generators to create the passphrase for you. Just remember to take note of them as well and keep them tucked in a safe place. You don’t want to be that guy who has earned many tokens but can’t access them because you forgot the password.

Also, activate two-factor authentication to give you another layer of protection in case someone could get hold of your passphrases.

Use Offline Wallets

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Although online crypto wallets are more accessible and make crypto transactions easier, they are still online and prone to attacks. Yes, most wallets have tight protection protocols, but it’s better always to be safe.

This is where hardware wallets come in. These thumb drive-looking devices are meant to store your crypto away from the internet and far from greedy hands. Hardware wallets are available in various types and capacities, so check them out before getting one.

Test, Test, Test

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When doing transactions for the first time, especially with someone you don’t know, it’s always best to start with small test amounts. This will help you check the transaction’s legitimacy and protect you from losing large funds.

Additionally, we also recommend not to type wallet addresses manually. Instead, copy and paste the crypto address you’re sending funds to. You can also use their QR code or the Ethereum Name Service to get the recipient’s info for safe transactions.

Avoid Overexposure

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While it’s crucial to secure your tokens, it’s also equally critical to maintain a low-key profile. Constantly broadcasting your earnings on social media channels makes you a hot target for the bad guys. It also opens you up to potential scams and hacking attempts that can drain your hard-earned crypto in a snap.

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

Crypto tokens like ETHi are changing the financial landscape, and keeping your investments safe will help you earn more and lose less. Learning these tricks brings you one step closer to that goal.

ETHi offers a solid investment option for everyone, as it’s based on lease-to-own US real estate. Contact us today to learn more about ETHi.

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