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SVB Downfall: The Silver Lining for Crypto

Silicon Valley Bank facade at high-tech commercial bank headquarters in South San Francisco Bay area – Santa Clara, California, USA – 2020

Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse affected many business sectors, from stockholders to investors with extensive bank deposits. Though the government will aid in mitigating the situation, only a fraction of the loss can be received by SVB. 

This crisis became a big blow to the banking industry because of the opacity of their operation. On the other hand, many cryptocurrency executives and investors see this as an opportunity to show that the old system needs to be changed. This article will discuss why the collapse happened and how cryptocurrency can be an alternative banking solution.

What Happened to SVB?  

Santa Clara, USA, March 2023: The Silicon Valley Bank logo broken by a crack. In 2023, SVB suffered the second largest bank failure in American financial history. Illustrative editorial.

Many factors are involved in the collapse of SVB, the tech recession, simultaneous withdrawals, and the lack of diverse investments. The bank did not have the funds to handle the crisis, and within two days, the bank collapsed. 

Tech Recession

The pandemic restricted many people in their homes, and many companies and schools conducted online activities to do work and classes. This condition created a high demand for techs like laptops and computers. Tech companies envision the need will go steady even after the pandemic. 

However, when everything returned to normal, many companies shifted to office work three times a week, and school is slowly returning to traditional classes instead of online. The demand for tech has plummeted, and layoffs in companies have been in significant numbers. The recession affected SVB because it heavily leans on the tech market as one of the major investors in the industry. 

Simultaneous Withdrawals

The panic of the tech recession has contributed to many depositors pulling out their deposits in fear of economic collapse. The people were worried that the bank might be short of capital, and the panic spread like wildfire. With depositors withdrawing their money in waves, SVB stock is reduced by more than half, creating a snowball effect contributes to its collapse.

The Lack of Diverse Investments

Another factor of its ruin is its lean on investing in the tech industry and long-term treasuries and bonds. They need more short-term investments and a fall in the value of bonds. SVB did not have enough money for liquidation, so they opted to sell prematurely. Selling bonds that way means a significant loss, upsetting many investors. They would have kept afloat if they had maintained their short-term investments and had more diverse assets.

How Will Cryptocurrency Be a Better Financial Alternative?

The bank is trusted with the assets with its opaque operations that have little accountability to the depositors. The recent collapse of SVB has shown the bigger issues with traditional banking.

Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain security that is secured and transparent in the protocol. This transparency ensures scammers and frauds can be tracked and detected before severe harm in the system occurs.

With banking services prone to collapse without preempted warning, many investors are distressed when they can’t trust established institutions with their assets. Cryptocurrency provides them with an alternative banking solution that works and is secure. Though there are many points about its flaws, the system works and only needs a little comprehension. 

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