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Cryptocurrency Regulation By Nation 

Cryptocurrency was originally made without regulation in mind. As an alternate and less restricted form of currency, making transactions via the blockchain easier and more accessible to anyone. However, it also turned the crypto sphere into a Wild West – a field of lawlessness, risk, and rug pulls.  To address the ever-evolving crypto market, and backed by several recent big-time incidents, various countries […]

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Why Millennials Will Invest More in Crypto 

Recent studies show millennials are more interested in cryptocurrency than all generations. With crypto being a relatively recent innovation, this age group would be more accepting of this technology.  However, why would millennials lean more towards crypto than traditional investment? This article will look at some of these reasons.    Reason #1: Trust in Crypto Higher […]

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G20 Summit’s Impact on the Future of Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is seen as the money of the future today, and a major concern for countries under the G20. Blockchain-based finance is a secure and versatile method for paying bills or buying anything online. The crypto innovation is way too advanced that many nations are still fending to use it as a payment and investment […]

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What You Should Know About Crypto Regulation

Crypto regulation has been a hot topic for several months now. Investing in cryptocurrency is not only exciting but rewarding when done correctly. However, with many crypto scams and fraudulent activities surrounding this digital currency, government bodies are seeing the requirement for standardized rules. Here are the basic details regarding the topic and how it […]

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