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Not A Mortgage Transaction

Traditionally an alternative mortgage is a home loan with terms that differ from conventional, fixed-rate mortgages and may come with higher interest rates. But not with Ethical Ijara. With our Rent to Own model, rent payments are calculated based upon traditional market rates but utilize DECOM to determine eligibility. As a landlord we use rational criteria to determine if a customer is a good rental risk, and provide an incentive to make rent payment on time and in full. This incentive is in the form of an IJA token which can be utilized anyway a tenant wishes,

In a traditional Rent to Own model, if a tenant leaves the property before exercising their option to purchase they generally forfeit any and all equity they have accumulated, similarly in a traditional Lease when a tenant vacates they leave with nothing but perhaps the return of their deposit. Not so with Ethical Ijara, in our transaction, a Tenant accumulates IJA token with each on time and full rent payment. When they leave they take their IJA token with them to use as they wish, including selling the IJA tokens on the open market, trading for title, solar panel installation, kitchen remodel, college education, vacation, wedding, etc.