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We understand that everyone reaches what we call Donor Fatigue, a state where you have reached the maximum number of donations you can give. There is also a concept of Qard Al Hasan, which is essentially a non-interest-bearing loan that can be given to a non-profit or charity organization, this loan is paid back at some point but is not a hard commitment. When a donor making this type of loan needs to get paid back, the charity puts forward its best efforts to do so, if they are unable to, there is no penalty. For this reason, many donors are not willing to make such a charitable loan and they cannot donate any more for the year since they have reached their maximum ability.

Enter ETHi Philanthropy, an ETHi token holder can stake their tokens in a Staking Pool that allows them to donate the staking rewards to a non-profit that has registered with us. These rewards are earned through income generated through our rent-to-own Ijara structure. Consider these Staking Pools to be flexible Endowments. The charity gets the benefit of income for as long as the donor, who is now a token holder, wants to stake their tokens. Whenever a financial; need arises, the donor/token holder simply withdraws their tokens and sells them.

We have a proposed pool for example ETHi UNHCR where the benefits go to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Have an organization you wish to enroll? Email us at [email protected].