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What to Expect After Ethereum Purge

Close up shot of hand holding silver and gold various digital cryptocurrencies, with Ethereum on top.

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin revealed what users should look forward to with upcoming changes. With this initiative on the way, let’s check what the new protocol will bring and how it will affect the network and the blockchain.

What is the ‘Purge’?

The ‘Purge’ is part of Ethereum’s roadmap initiated in September 2023 with the ‘Merge,’ where the protocol shifted from a ‘Proof of Work’ (PoW) to a ‘Proof of Stake’ (PoS) setup. As the fourth of the five-part process, it intends to streamline ETH for better storage space and reduce technical debt.

What to Expect

Some improvements in the ETH network after the Purge include:

Simplified Protocols

According to the ETH co-founder, the introduction of the Ethereum Improvement Protocol (EIP)-6780 removed most of the code functions associated with ‘SELF DESTRUCT.’ This change also ensures simpler processes and added security within the network. 

Higher Storage Blocks

With the update, EIP-4444 will also be introduced within the system, limiting the historical data stored within each node on the blockchain. The update won’t require data more than a year old, making more room for new data for each node.

Faster Processing

In addition, processes within the ETH network will be faster and more efficient, as historical data will only be needed when synching to the chain’s head or upon specific requests.

Smoother Development

The removal of precompiled ETH contracts in the network tackles existing legacy concerns that could hinder its growth, opening doors for better adaptability in the future.

What’s Next for Ethereum

Ethereum is constantly updating and moving with the times to ensure it can keep up with modern crypto demands. The Purge plays a vital role in making ETH more efficient, secure, and decentralized – a key to staying on top of the curve.

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