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Bitcoin Halving: What the Crypto Market Should Expect 

While the recent Bitcoin “halving” event may sound scary, there’s nothing to worry about. This protocol is part of the cryptocurrency’s typical ecosystem and is implemented to manage its output. Check our article to learn the basics about this monumental event.  What is Bitcoin Halving?  The term “halving” refers to the rewards for mining Bitcoin […]

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Are We Seeing Another Crypto Bull Run? 

Despite the major hurdles in the past years, recent events in the crypto sphere have placed the digital platform on a significant bull run. With the renewed excitement for crypto, how should potential investors and crypto enthusiasts prepare for the upcoming influx in the market? Let’s look at what to expect with a bull run […]

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The Rise of Bitcoin Amidst Controversies

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency in the market, has made another milestone as it surpasses its $20,000 value this January. Bitcoin’s value has risen to 0.63% within a day. The unexpected rise of Bitcoin has caught much attention since just the last year; its value dropped more than half. Conquering a Crisis Experts speculate that the […]

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